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Cradle of Filth to Preach their 'Gospel'

UK's monolithic metallers Cradle of Filth have announced the imminent arrival of their coolest chunk of swag ever: an epic tome entitled The Gospel of Filth: The Definitive Guide to the Realms of Darkness and Devilry. More than a document of the band's tumultuous history, the upcoming volume is something altogether different – described by the band as “the boldest, most comprehensive and authoritative guide to the realms of darkness and devilry ever published.” That's a pretty tall order, even for a group that spends a helluva lot of time exploring the dark side (and the rest of the time at the pub). Frontman Dani Filth and his creepy crew did manage to reveal some details about the book on their blog, and we've got a little taste ahead for the morbidly curious... in other words, most of you reading this. So what are you waiting for, Christmas?

According to The Filthy Ones' latest announcement, The Gospel of Filth not only maps the milestone events in the band's sordid history, but also serves as a handy reference guide to a wealth of occult knowledge: “From ancient formulae for conjuring the goddesses of hell, to the latest research on the psychopathology of serial murder, no tombstone remains unturned in this wide-ranging and witty dissection of the uncanny and unholy, of the esoteric and erotic.” It also examines the dark arts through the lens of modern cultural trends and high-tech media, with input from experts running the gamut from Oxford academics to “metal musicians as well known for their criminal records as [their] musical ones.”

Ordering details are coming soon to the band's official site and MySpace, including info on how to pre-order an autographed limited edition of the book in appropriately blasphemous bible-style binding.