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Crazy Video Shows Giant Ice Blob Overtaking Resort


Ice blob

A massive ice monster has invaded Minnesota... it sounds like the plot of the next Syfy Original Movie, but it's actually a real life horror that the residents of a lake-front resort experienced last year, and the perfect example of how crazy and unpredictable Mother Nature can be.

The natural phenomenon is known as an ice shove, when extreme temperatures, ocean currents or high winds force ice from an ocean or large lake onto shore, essentially creating what many refer to as an 'ice tsunami.'  Though it's a rare event, ice shoves have been known to happen in cold parts of the country from time to time, and Minnesota's Izatys Resort on popular ice fishing spot Mille Lacs Lake is the latest to be hit with a so-called ice tsunami.

Around 9:30am on May 11th of last year, 40mph winds propelled the frozen lake onto land, large chunks of ice slowly crawling their way up the shore, and making their way into doors, windows and even up onto roofs.  Approximately 10 miles of shoreline were covered in the icy blob, with mountains of ice reaching as high as 30 feet.

The reason we bring this up today is because video footage has surfaced that captures the bizarre ice shove in motion, and it's the kind of thing you really have to see to believe.  It quite frankly looks like the opening scene of a found-footage Blob remake, and you can check out the crazy video below!