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Cubify Turns YOU Into a Horror Icon!


Cubify horror

One of the leading companies in the world of cutting edge 3D printing, Cubify launched a system called 3DMe earlier this year, allowing anyone with a picture of themselves the ability to customize their very own ceramic figurine.  How it works is that you upload a picture of your face, select a body, and then Cubify uses their advanced 3D printers to bring your custom figurine to life - your photo-realistic head atop the body of a groom, a nurse, a superhero or any number of their available models.

This Halloween season, Cubify is getting in on the fun with 3DMe Horror; a brand new service that allows you to transform yourself into a character ripped straight out of a horror movie.  The service works the same as the regular version of 3DMe, only this time the bodies you're able to pick from are a little more horrific.  Now your head can be placed atop the body of a witch, a zombie, a vampire or even horror icons like Leatherface and Jason Voorhees - a few clicks of your mouse turning you into a truly unique and one of a kind collectible.

The figurines measure 5.5" tall, and you can get one made in your likeness for $69.99.  Head over to Cubify to learn more and start creating!