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News Article

Damon and Stefan Salvatore Need Your Help!

After over a month of withdrawl, The Vampire Diaries returns next week with all-new episodes, and more drama than you can shake a stake at.  I personally started going through serious withdrawl about two weeks ago.  With only six days to go, Damon and Stefan make a plea to audiences to help them protect Elena.  Now, I'm not exactly sure of the purpose of these little interstitials. To get viewers excited for the show's return?  Certainly didn't need that.  Setting up for some kind of social network game?  That could be fun.  We have the videos for you to check out after the break.  Warning: the videos are kind of awkward.  Actors Ian Sommerhalder and Paul Westley didn't really seem comfortable breaking that fourth wall and talking directly to the camera.  

Also, maybe someone can explain to me what is going on with the Winnebago.  Are they going to start  a band and tour the country in their not-psychedelic bus?

Fun things you can do with these videos:

Watch them on YouTube and press the "1911" button to make them look old-timey.

Watch them on Facebook and maybe have the guys greet you personally (apparently "Alyse" is too difficult so Paul Westley merely referred to me as "Friend")