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Dani Filth Appearing at 'Death and the Devil' Fest

To celebrate the launch of their amazing new book The Gospel of Filth, Cradle of Filth frontman Dani Filth and occult writer Gavin Baddeley will be appearing at London's Hammersmith Riverside Studios, along with Hellraiser star Doug 'Pinhead' Bradley (who has also lent his voice to several Cradle of Filth albums) and indie filmmaker Frazer Lee (Red Lines) for the 'Death and the Devil' festival: a day-long marathon saluting several classics of satanic cinema. Hit the jump for the complete event lineup!

The twelve-hour fest, which is scheduled to begin at 11AM on Saturday, November 21st, is sponsored by esteemed alt-publishers FAB Press. Bradley will be playing host to the film series, which will include cult hits like the Peter Fonda/Warren Oates thriller Race with the Devil, the Shatner/Borgnine/Travolta bizarro epic The Devil's Rain, Mario Bava/Boris Karloff anthology film Black Sabbath, and a triple-feature of shorts featuring Doug Bradley – including an adaptation of Poe's The Tell-Tale Heart from Bradley's own Spine Chillers film series, and Frazer Lee's chilling Red Lines. Bradley will also be debuting his one-man live show 'An Evening with Death,' and Dani & Gavin will be signing copies of their book for attendees.

Check out the FAB site for ticket info... which reminds me, how many medical experiments should I volunteer for so I can score enough coin to fly myself to London?