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News Article

'Darkness II' Launch Trailer is Full of Pre-Rendered Mayhem

With less than 2 weeks until 2K Games releases The Darkness II, now's as good a time as ever to release a launch trailer.  After a slew of trailers and clips that showcase the cel-shaded slaughterhouse of the gameplay, it looks like 2K went the more cinematic route with a good old fashioned pre-rendered CGI trailer.  Check it out courtesy of G4 after the break.

The trailer reintroduces us to Jackie Estacado, mob thug and host to the Darkness, and very briefly explains his motivations.  He's the unwilling vessel of an ancient evil, his girlfriend was murdered (still one of the most bleak moments in gaming history), and now a cult called the Brotherhood wants the Darkness for themselves...and you think your life is hard!

The Darkness II will be released February 7, 2012 for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.