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Dead Man's Party: Amazingly Gruesome Cake Creations


With the onslaught of zombie pop culture and the ongoing popularity of dreamy teen vampires, there are a lot of horror-inspired dessert creations out there. Cupcakes with zombie hands, eyeballs, bleeding cakes – they are all extremely fun and tasty – but not quite as impressive, or involved, as the cakes on the Do It Myself! blog.  Created by cake artist, theatrical designer, and horror/sci-fi enthusiast Leigh Henderson, these culinary masterpieces take baking to a new and totally horrific level. Photos of our favorites below. Get the step-by-step on the blog.

Heart Cupcakes - " The idea was that one of them would be the aorta (full of red blood) and the other the superior vena cava (full of blue blood). Mounted vertically on the top of each cupcake, they would hold the fruit sauces until the cupcakes were cut into, at which point they would spill their gory contents over the plate."


Heart Cupcakes

Melting Head Cake - Melting Head Cake- "Once the first side was thoroughly melted away, I switched the heat lamp to the other side until I was left with nothing but a gooey skull sitting in a pool of its own liquefied flesh. Even the garnish cordial cherry eyeballs melted away, leaving only bright cherries amidst the little red tomatoes.

Melting Head Cake

Zombie Cake - " ... named Orville, after the dead guy in Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things, though it looked nothing like him."

Zombie Cake