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'Dead Rising' Comes to Horrific Life in This Actual Robbery


Dead Rising, as you probably know, is an open-world video game in which you are trapped in a shopping mall and trying to battle off hordes of zombies. I remember that when the game first came out in 2006, one of the key features was that anything in the world could be used as a weapon. Everything from traditional weapons (swords, guns, chainsaws) to whatever is lying around (skateboards, mall benches, mannequin parts, and flower pots).

A teenager in Australia took the game a little too far when he used a chainsaw to rob a convenience store. The cherry on top of this stupidity sundae is the fact that he wore a flower pot on his head like a helmet. The chainsaw was on when he lunged at a couple of store clerks, who hid in the back room. The teenager caused some property damage, mooned the employees, and left with only his chainsaw and a stolen soda. Luckily no one was injured. The kid was arrested as he fled the scene, and is being held on a host of charges, including armed robbery.

Source: Queensland Times