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'Death is Fun' Again Thanks to Necrophagia!


Legendary horror metal outfit Necrophagia – whose earth-shaking thrash/death epics draw heavily on gore-soaked cinema – have recently announced the re-release of their classic Death is Fun in a limited-edition digipak on the extreme music label Red Stream Inc.

Per the label's official site the band is “Returning from beyond the grave to rage anew... the undulating shrieks of Death Is Fun vividly paint the emotions of spattered blood, swollen glands, and evisceration.”

Recorded in 1995 and first released on Red Stream in 1997 (the label's first title, in fact), the album emerged at the height of the band's evil powers, with all their signature elements firmly entrenched: frontman Killjoy's rasping vocals over terrifying grind/thrash hybrid instrumentation, enriched with eerie creepshow synths, all wrapped around a bloody raw core of lyrical themes inspired by everything from Fulci's The Beyond to Japan's notorious Guinea Pig series.

This new version of Death is Fun contains two tracks never before included on any of the band's official recordings, and seriously deranged new artwork by Paul Booth (which the label claims was rejected outright by five different printing houses). The original art featured a knife-wielding maniac gloating over his mutilated victim; the new theme focuses on gut-munching zombies instead.

“This CD has already been completely banned and confiscated in Germany,” the label declared, making it sound more like a boast than a complaint... and although this may risk limiting their exposure, it certainly gives a boost to their already notorious reputation.