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News Article

Demonic Baby Terrorizes NYC in Brilliant 'Devil's Due' Promotional Prank


The last couple years have seen some pretty awesome viral marketing campaigns for horror movies, from Last Exorcism 2's beauty shop scare to Carrie's telekinetic coffee shop surprise.  In today's internet age, it's clever marketing tactics like these that ensure new movies don't go unnoticed, and the dudes that comprise filmmaking quartet Radio Silence most definitely have no intention of their latest film slipping under any radars.

In promotion of this weekend's release of their found footage flick Devil's Due, the filmmakers teamed up with an FX crew to terrorize the streets of New York City, placing an animatronic devil baby into a remote control stroller.  Not since Jason took Manhattan has such panic and horror gripped the citizens of the Big Apple, as the son of Satan himself strolled around the city, making full grown adults wish they were the ones that put on diapers before they headed out the house.

Check out the totally awesome viral video below, and don't miss Devil's Due in theaters this weekend!