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'Dexter': The 7th Season Arrives On Blu-Ray/DVD Early Summer!


Dexter The Seventh Season Season 7 Blu-Ray DVD

While scanning the official 'Dexter' store on Showtime's website this morning, we inadvertently uncovered the scheduled release date of the Seventh Season on Blu-Ray and DVD. So get ready to celebrate the summer with 'Dexter' as Season 7 arrives on May 14th, 3 months earlier than usual! Not a surprise considering the 8th and final season is also debuting June 30th as opposed to it's usual late September start. You can pre-order the Blu-Ray or DVD boxed set of 'Dexter' Season 7 via Showtime's website or Amazon right now.

Synopsis: DEXTER returns to DVD and Blu-ray in explosive fashion with Season 7, as Dexter is finally forced to confront his greatest fear, as Debra witnesses his insatiable, ritualistic slaying of a killer. Now Deb knows the secret of his Dark Passenger, his undeniable thirst for blood, and the Code that their father Harry instilled in him as a young boy. But as Deb tries to reconcile the unfathomable idea that her beloved, mild-mannered brother is Miami's most notorious serial killer, Dexter is still pulled by his natural impulses to seek out the guilty and exact his brand of vigilante justice. Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, Ray Stevenson, Yvonne Strahovski all star.