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News Article

'Dexter' Comes Home in Convenient Pint-Sized Package!


Ever wanted to be a serial killer, but didn't want to get your hands dirty?  Now you can live vicariously through the new Dexter action figure.  The toy-sculpting whiz kids at Bif Bang Pow! just told us that their 7-inch Dexter figure is now available for pre-order at  Approved by Michael C. Hall himself, Dex comes with both day and evening looks.

By day, he's your typical blood splatter analyst for the Miami police department (complete with removable ID badge).  But for a saucy evening look, remove the badge and replace his interchangeable "normal" arms with a pair that carry, in gloved hands, a knife and a suspicious-looking garbage bag.  The figure, available in May, also comes with a souvenir blood slide.  Barbie will never know what hit her.