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Digital Dudz T-Shirts Turn Your Cell Phone Into Gruesome Halloween Costume!


Digital Dudz

I don't know about you, but I've found it harder and more expensive to put together clever Halloween costumes, as the years go on.  You typically have to buy several different pieces to complete whatever look you're going for, and your wallet can quickly be drained in the process.  Wouldn't it be nice if you could just buy a t-shirt, and still impress your fellow partygoers?  Well fear not... because now you can!

Headed our way this year courtesy of the Morph Costume Company, who make those full body 'Morph Suits', Digital Dudz are the most high tech Halloween costumes you've ever seen - using the power of your smart phone to cheaply give yourself a horrifying makeover.  How it works is that simply buy one of their shirts, download a free app, and then place your phone into a latex pocket on the inside of the shirt - the app turning your phone's screen into a beating heart, wiggly maggots or even a set of zombie eyes.

An impressive and disgusting Halloween costume has never been so cheap and easy to make, and you can learn and see more over on the Digital Dudz website!