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Dinner Turns Horrifying When Squid Shoots Babies into South Korean Woman's Mouth



Here in the states, squid is typically cut up and deep fried, forming the delightful dish known as calamari. Over in South Korea, the preparation is a little bit different, and as one unlucky woman just found out, a deep fryer is probably the best way to go, when it comes to sucking down squid.

UK's Daily Mail reports that a 63-year-old South Korean woman was recently dining on a semi-cooked whole squid when her mouth was hit with an incredibly strange and painful sensation, followed by the feeling of what she described as 'bug-like organisms' filling up the inside of her mouth.

Rushed to the hospital, doctors discovered twelve strange pods attached to her tongue, cheek and gums, which they formally identified as squid spermatophores. Without grossing you out too much, what that essentially means is that the squid literally tried to impregnate the woman's mouth, shooting sperm sacs into her oral cavity when she bit into it. Yea.

All twelve pods were removed from her mouth, and thankfully no human-squid hybrids will result from this most revolting of ordeals.

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