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Director Peter Berg Describes the Aliens Who Want to Sink His 'Battleship'

Yesterday at WonderCon, director Peter Berg appeared to discuss Battleship, his upcoming film adaptation of the classic board game. Of course it's a pretty loose adaptation since the game has no story or characters whatsoever, and the principal antagonists of Berg's film are aliens. "Ah, but what kind of aliens?" you ask. The just-released trailer briefly shows an alien hand emerging from an armored spacesuit, so I asked Berg how much more we'll see of the unarmored aliens in his film, and what went into their design. Find out what Berg told me -- and check out the full image of the new Battleship WonderCon poster featured above -- after the jump.

Regarding how much of Battleship's aliens we'll get to see outside of their armor, Peter Berg commented, "You do see them quite a bit. We walked the walk there. These aliens come from a planet that's got a similar climate to ours. They've got respiratory systems and nervous systems. They can see. They have issues with our oxygen level, and so breathing issues. They're a little more light sensitive. But we see them and come to get a pretty good sense of what they look like and sound like and how they behave. And what you don't want to do around them versus what you do want to do around them."

As for designing the aliens, Berg said, "It was just more my aesthetic, starting with eight really great designers. Then I just started talking about what I liked and what I didn't like. Then they went out and started drawing pictures. Then I would find things that I liked and we'd discuss it and we'd do anatomy drawings where we figured out what kind of origins they had and what kind of skeletal features they had. We'd look at different animal movements, and had dancers come in and different pro football players. We looked at Ndamukong Suh, who's the defensive end on Detroit, who has a little bit of a temper problem. He stomps on people. [Laughs.] He was an inspiration, because here's a six-foot-five, three-hundred-and-thirty-pound man that can move like an NBA Guard with his agility. That was really one of the fun experiences of making a movie like this. World creation and getting to work with guys like George Lucas and his army of geniuses. [But] it starts with moving around toy boats."