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News Article

Disturbed Celebrating 10 Years of 'The Sickness'

Dark-rock megastars Disturbed are preparing to mark the 10th anniversary of their chartbusting debut The Sickness with a special-edition reissue of the album, as well as a ton of cool info about their next studio project and a highly-anticipated DVD. Plenty of news in here, so dive in and learn!

The Sickness originally hit the streets in March of 2000, and quickly shot to the top of the charts – thanks to the muscle of singles like Down with the Sickness, which made it into both Queen of the Damned and the 2004 Dawn of the Dead remake, and according to Nielsen SoundScan was the seventh most downloaded track of the past decade. So this March, the band will roll out a new expanded version of the album, which will include several exclusive tracks (maybe they’ll also include Lounge Against the Machine’s version of Down with the Sickness from Dawn of the Dead) and all-new artwork.

The same month, band will also be launching a new version of their official site, including hidden areas (only accessible with codes included in the special edition) that reveal weekly behind-the-scenes clips of the band in the studio as they work on their latest studio album.

Also slated for later this year is a concert/documentary DVD, which may take much of its content from the band’s massive spring-summer 2009 “Music as a Weapon” tour. Details are still sketchy on that one, but for now be sure to check out the trailer below!