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Don’t Turn off Your Phone! Get Texts at the Same Time as Movie Victim


App MovieThis may be totally disruptive and unnecessary technology, but it’s also an interesting idea.

Director Bobby Boerman’s horror–thriller App has a second-screen option which will allow viewers to interact with the film in real time. Moviegoes can download an app, for the aptly named App, before they go into the theater and they will receive texts and more at the same time the film’s star is seeing them onscreen.

“Auds will get sinister messages and more at the same time as the film’s protagonist, a young psychology student who is terrorized by a mysterious and malicious app called Iris that has appeared on her smartphone,” Variety reports.

Basically, as our poor tortured Anna receives disturbing photos, videos and pictures of herself, viewers are getting the same images and videos. They can also delve deeper into film details.

The company that developed the technology believes this will revolutionize the way people watch films in the future. The digital watermark that drives the interactive aspect of the app can be used in theaters, on the DVD release, and VOD.

App will get a test run on April 4 in the Netherlands. It will be interesting to see how moviegoers feel about having a theater full of active cellphone lights during the film. It strikes me as 2013's answer to The Tingler or smell-o-vision. Watch the trailer for the movie below.


via Variety