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News Article

Dope Stars Inc. Reveal CRIMINAL INTENTS


To tide fans over while they put the finishing touches on their still untitled full-length album of “digital hardcore,” Italian cyber-metal act Dope Stars Inc. (whose music has figured prominently in the Saw series) are releasing a double EP entitled Criminal Intents/Morning Star.

The interim release (which will be distributed by Metropolis Records in the US) is comprised of 15 tracks, including four new songs and remixes of cuts from previous release Gigahearts – courtesy of industrial heavyweights like KMFDM, Mortiis, Gothminister and the awesomely-named Reverend Hellbastard.

According to the Metropolis website, the EP’S cyberpunk concept depicts a world practically torn from the pages of a William Gibson novel, “where the masses have embraced technology for the good and bad… mega-corporations and outlaw technologists fight for the control of the world through disease, addition, beauty and tranquility.”

Metropolis will release Criminal Intents/Morning Star on April 21. The EP tracklist is as follows:

“Criminal Intents”
“Digital Warriors"
“Morning Star”
“Nothing is Left”
“Lost” (KMFDM remix)
“Can You Imagine” (Gothminister remix)
“Braindamage” (Scumsucker remix by Mortiis)
“Lost” (Lovecrave remix)
“Braindamage” (remix by Deflore)
“Can You Imagine” (Spiritual Front cover version)
“Bang Your Head” (remix by Rev. Hellbastard)
“Braindamage” (remix by Crossbreed)
“Can You Imagine” (remix by Violent Diva)
“Jasmine & Rose” (cover version)
“Vyperpunk” (demo version)