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News Article

E3 2013: ‘D4’ Coming Soon from the Creators of ‘Deadly Premonition’


It took an incredible amount of restraint and professionalism to actually write actual words in this space, as opposed to trying to spell out the semi-orgasmic sounds I’m making right now.  Our good buddy SWERY, who also made the completely insane and completely amazing Deadly Premonition, is bringing more of his trademark weirdness to the Xbox One with D4.

The trailer from Joystiq tells little, except that the game appears to be cel-shaded, employ the Kinect to some degree (I see some strange gesture-implying combat icons), and that it’s an “episodic murder mystery.”  There are also some SWERY-signature touches, like the weird woman with the giant bow who appears to be…sniffing the protagonist.  Huh.