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News Article

E3 2013: First Look at ‘Dead Rising 3’ Out this Holiday Season for Xbox One


Dead Rising was a showcase for the Xbox 360 when it first game out, packing thousands of the living dead into its mall setting, showing just how many well-detailed zombies the system could process at a time (answer: a shit ton).  Well, with the Xbox One looking to flex its muscle this November (to the tune of $500!), what better title than Dead Rising 3 to pump its processors?

Without the direct influence of Keiji Inafune, the Joystiq-supplied trailer for Dead Rising 3 looks to be a much more serious affair than its predecessors…until you see new protagonist Nick Ramos smashing and slicing up the undead with a sledgehammer-ripsaw combo.  This appears to be all in-engine footage (yay!) and it all looks really, really good.

Dead Rising 3 will be released this November on the Xbox One.