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Ecuadorian Spider Looks Like Jason Voorhees


Jason's Mask Spider

As we saw in Freddy vs. Jason, the two most iconic horror movie bad guys are pretty damn evenly matched, to the point that a battle between them is almost always bound to end in a draw.

That said, Freddy does have some pretty impressive talents that Jason doesn't, and one of those talents is the ability to transform into whatever the hell he wants to, from a giant pot-smoking worm to a television set with arms.

Voorhees can't do that, but this particulary badass spider from Ecuador will have you thinking he can...

Jason Voorhees spider

As we spotted over on Featured Creature, this species of Opilion, aka 'daddy long-legs,' was only just discovered last year and aptly named the 'Jason's Mask' spider, due to the familiar looking hockey mask that it appears to be wearing on its body. Yep, what you see above is a real spider, no Photoshop required. How cool is that?!

I can only imagine this lanky creature doesn't approve of premarital arachnid intercourse, and probably has serious mommy issues!