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News Article

Electronic Artists Join Forces for Depeche Mode Tribute


Legions of acclaimed techno, EBM and industrial artists from around the world have lent their talents to a hefty 2-CD collection of covers and remixes dedicated to electro-pop legends Depeche Mode, set for release May 15th from Alfa Matrix. Jump on through for details...

The 32-track set will feature new interpretations by the likes of Zombie Girl’s Sebastian Komor, Jean-Luc Demeyer of EBM giant Front 242, Claus Larsen of pioneering industrial group Leaether Strip, up-and-coming electro rock outfits like I:Scintilla and Helalyn Flowers, and tons more.

Per the label’s press release, the first online orders received for the compilation will also receive a free promotional CD of seven additional remixes, produced especially for club DJs and not available for individual sale.

You can slink over to Alfa-Matrix’s website [] for a full tracklist and info on how to order, but first, check out the promo vid below…