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Emilie Autumn's 'Asylum Tour' Goes Crazy!

Gothic renaissance woman Emilie Autumn has expanded her well-received US 'Asylum Tour' to include even more venues this fall, so more of you have a chance to take part in an experience that is equal parts naughty burlesque show, three-ring circus, Vaudeville revue and dark-themed Broadway extravaganza. Read on to find out what the violin-wielding vixen and her cadre of corseted cuties have in store for you!

"The Asylum show is a glam-rock circus where 'tea' is never really just tea, and madness reigns," the artist explains. “This is no rock show; I have no interest in rock shows... this is a fucking Broadway musical.” Usually clocking in at over two hours, the show begins with Emilie’s unique brand of eerie, sensual music, and jumps off into a dream world of fire-breathing, trapeze-swinging, stilt-walking lunacy, orchestrated by Emilie and her band of corset-bound cuties dubbed “The Bloody Crumpets.”

Emilie’s shows are often an interactive experience for her fans, who are known to fashion their own Victorian costumes to compliment the flamboyant self-made outfits she wears – or in some cases, doesn’t wear – onstage. The super-sexy image isn’t just eye-candy to the artist, however; it’s an expression of “absolute freedom and fearlessness,” and rebellion against sexual repression.

“Restricting your sexuality because you think it will prevent you from being taken seriously is just another form of oppression, and being controlled by someone else's opinion of who you ought to be,” she explains. “If I take off all my clothes, and I do it because I myself want to do it, then it is automatically a demonstration of feminism, not the denial of it."

Emilie’s autobiographical book The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls, which is described as a “true life horror tale of madness, murder, and medical experimentation,” is set for release next month in a classy hardcover edition packed with the artist’s hand-written memoirs, photos and paintings. Hit this link and find out how to order a copy.