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News Article

Ensiferum Debut Apocalyptic New Video 'From Afar'

Can't get enough heavy music from Finland? Can't really blame ya there, 'cuz there's plenty of sweetly evil sounds echoing coming down from that icy land... including epic metallers Ensiferum, whose gorgeous new video for From Afar – the title track to their new album – is posted below the fold for your diabolical pleasure. It's packed with all kinds of stuff we love, including sexy witches, skulls, death-dealing demons and armored zombie warriors. Click on through and bask in the epic-osity!

The video explores the song's concept of the end of the world, as foreseen by a comely sorceress, who either prophesies or summons the arrival of a robed figure who leaves black death in his wake. It's all set to a mammoth symphonic death metal opus complete with booming choirs and furious blastbeats.

Ensiferum's fourth studio release From Afar, which debuts tomorrow from Spinefarm Records, was co-produced by Tero Kinnunen (who has worked with other high-profile Finnish bands like Nightwish and Amorphis), and features folk-influenced tracks like Heathen Throne, Stone Cold Metal and Twilight Tavern. The band will be kicking off a US tour in November, along with Sweden's Hypocrisy and Canadian bands Ex Deo and Blackguard.

But enough idle chatter... viddy this, brothers and sisters!