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'Escape From Tomorrow' Trailer Shows the Weird Side of Disneyland


escape from tomorrow

It's the movie that everyone assumed would never get distribution. Escape From Tomorrow is a surrealistic neo-noir film about a father who starts to lose his mind while on a family vacation to Disney World. Shot almost entirely on location in Disney World's Magic Kingdom and the original Disneyland park, director Randy Moore shot the film guerilla-style: his cast and crew bought season passes; scripts were carried on smart phones; and the only equipment used was consumer-grade cameras so they could blend in with other tourists. Moore even did all the post-production in South Korea, all in an attempt to keep Disney off the scent.

Escape From Tomorrow premiered at Sundance to positive reviews and extreme secrecy, but it was generally thought that the litigious Disney Corporation would bring swift and costly legal battles upon the film that was shot for around $650,000. And yet here we are, eight months later. The film will screen at Fantastic Fest, and has been picked up for distribution (a limited theatrical and VOD release is currently slated for October 11th) and it seems that Disney has opted to ignore the film's very existence. Hey, whatever means that it will be around long enough for me to check it out.

Anyway, a trailer for Escape From Tomorrow was just released, and it is unmistakably Disney - if shot by David Lynch.