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Exclusive: Adam Green on 'Holliston' and the MPAA

With films like Hatchet and Frozen under his belt, and the horror-comedy series Holliston that he is doing for FEARnet, Adam Green is a horror mainstay. So it was no surprise to see him on the blood-red carpet at the Universal Studios Eyegore Awards, the event that kicks off their annual Halloween Horror Nights. We grabbed him and his lovely wife Rileah on the carpet and asked him...

Why aren't you at work on Holliston?

Adam: I just came from work. I spent the entire day today naked, in a bathtub full of vomit, with Joe Lynch. So if people think Holliston is your average sitcom, they're wrong. They are really, really wrong. Even worse, in the scene we had Oderus Urungus from GWAR. I can tell you, he lives up to the name Oderus. That costume he wears has seen 27 years of GWAR concerts, and it smells like it! We have to tear down the building and rebuild it - there is no Febreezing that shit.

Has it never been washed?

Adam: He says he makes new ones, but he's lying. Nothing can smell as bad as this. It smells like a bag of dicks. Sorry.

It's okay! So are you presenting tonight? Accepting? Why are you at the Eyegore Awards?

Rileah: We're actually here to steal awards. 

Adam: Way to blow it. No, I'm actually presenting the award for best actress to Emma Bell. She was the star of my movie, Frozen, which was her first real breakout role. I like to take credit for discovering her. Her credit in Frozen was "And Introducing Emma Bell." I adore her, she is the most wonderful human being ever. Her mom is a doll. When I got the call to present her with this award, I switched my whole production schedule - which I don't ever do. I don't do that for my own stuff.

Rileah [jokingly]: Wow, she must be, like, really important to you to do that.

Adam: She is. But you are too - remember? We had that wedding. I took the whole weekend off for that.

Other than Holliston, what are you working on?

Adam: Right now, my movie Chillerama, which I did with Joe Lynch and Adam Rifkin and Tim Sullivan, is touring the country. That's playing at drive-ins everywhere. It is playing in New York tomorrow and I can't go because I am in production on Holliston, but the other guys are going. I'm also working on Killer Pizza, which I am writing right now. Chris Columbus is producing it. It's a big, big budget kids movie in the vein of Monster Squad or Ghostbusters. That's a long process - it started a year ago, and it will probably be two years before we see it because it's just so big. Then Hatchet III starts production in a few months, and I will probably drop dead by Christmas.

Well, at least you have your whole year planned out. With Hatchet III are you going to go unrated again?

Adam: I hope they do. I'm not directing Hatchet III, which I'm hoping makes it a little bit easier between the film and the ratings board.

Because they hate you?

Adam: Because they hate me! It's so ridiculous. When Hatchet I came out, they were under fire because of the torture-porn that was getting through. But the reason that torture-porn was getting through was because it was being distributed by a studio that pays their salaries, so they couldn't stop it. So there is all this backlash from parents, and I come along with a swamp monster with a gas-powered belt sander, killing comedians like Monty Python, and they came down on me! But they fucked with the wrong guy because I beat them. I got my film into theatres unrated - which hasn't happened in 30 years - for 48 hours. Then I became the first movie to ever get pulled from theatres. There was all this bullshit that "it wasn't performing" but in fact it did so great that, within 72 hours of the DVD release, a third one got greenlit. So the MPAA can eat a fucking dick. Hatchet III is coming, so I win, they lose.