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Exclusive: Ben Wheatley Gives Us the 'Freak Shift'

Recently, we sat down with Kill List director Ben Wheatley, and he told us about his next project, Freak Shift. Wheatley describes it as "Hill Street Blues meets monsters" and says it is coming along - they may even be able to go into production by the end of the year. Get more dirt on the project after the jump.

"Basically, all of these monsters come out of the ground at night, and there is this police force that is made up of women and racial minorities. They all think they are joining the proper police force, then they all get put into this "positive discrimination" thing, into the shit police force that works at night. They are all really disgruntled and treated badly. They are basically like rat catchers, but they are doing this really heroic job."

When I mentioned the similarity to MTV's Death Valley, Wheatley was not deterred. "Yeah, I know. My heart sank when I saw that, but it is very different. They have more vampires and werewolves and a lot of comedy. Mine is much more proper horror and monsters. It's serious. More like the game - not the film - of Doom. Really heavy. And it's more of a 1970s cop thing."