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Exclusive: Brea Grant on Playing Cassie Hack in 'Hack/Slash' Animated Movie


It's official -- actress Brea Grant (Dexter, Halloween II) is Cassie Hack. Or, more specifically, the voice of the horror heroine from Tim Seeley's Hack/Slash. News broke last week that Grant would be voicing the character in the upcoming animated version of the hit comic. I spoke with Grant on Sunday at Comic-Con, and the actress confirmed the news and shared some information regarding her upcoming role with me.

"I guess it is really intimidating," says Grant, a comic writer herself (We Will Bury You). "I'm a big fan. I feel like as an actress I always end up in these things where I'm like, ‘I am gonna screw this up so bad…' I did Dexter and Heroes, and doing these huge iconic things that are so important to me, I am always worried about screwing it up. But hopefully I won't. I've been talking to Tim Seeley a lot about it, and I'm excited about it. I cosplayed Cassie for Halloween and sent Tim a photo [see above] via Twitter, which sort of got leaked out to the world, and he was very supportive of it."

"I know that's how I knew he was interested. He had already contacted me before about possibly wanting to write a Hack/Slash issue, just as a fan. And he also read… I did an interview where I talked about how much I loved Hack/Slash at some point."

"It's gonna be a mix of things. (Have you seen Godkiller?) It mirrors the comic a lot. It's sort of the animated comic idea. Then they want to have bookends with green-screen and rotoscope. They want to do some live action in the beginning, and then the middle would be all animated. It's motion comics, which is a cool new thing that people are doing, so it's bringing a lot more people to comics, which is rad. It should be cool."

"I think they're still working out the story, so I feel like the fans should express what they want to see."

As for which Hack/Slash tales Grant would like to see adapted, the actress commented, "I've been walking around here thinking about the Comic-Con one, where the guy has the weird guy in his stomach. It's really gross, but I thought it was a really good one. I love any with religious elements – the bad preacher. And the sorority girls and the whole lot."  

I can attest that Grant is the real deal, a genuine horror fan with a desire to bring her passions to her work. I'm definitely looking forward to this project, whatever form it should take.