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Exclusive: Celebrate 'My Super Psycho Sweet 16' With Kirsten Prout

There is one more Sweet 16 to celebrate. In the third installment of MTV's popular My Super Psycho Sweet 16 film series, Skye's little sister Alex is turning 16 - and she's not happy about it. We chatted with actress Kirsten Prout on bringing out the evil in Alex Bell.

Did you ever feel like an outsider with the rest of the cast, since you didn't join the Super Psycho family until part two?

No. It was such a great experience. In a sense, I definitely felt like I was part of the journey. At the same time, I got the benefit of getting to observe what a great rhythm the cast had. It was a great vibe and Alex Bell instantly became part of the Super Psycho family. Ever since I have felt like a mainstay in the franchise.

Were you expecting a third installment?

It's funny... the whole process was a little peculiar. I actually read for Super Psycho 1. I was working at the time, but I was asked to audition for the role of Madison Penrose. I didn't remember the name of the project, but when Super Psycho 2 came around, I read the script, and it felt very familiar. It was actually a blessing to come in in the second film because I got to play Alex Bell and was able to go on to the third installment. 

Are you glad that you held out and took the role of Alex?

Absolutely. Alex is one of my favorite characters I have ever played. To play all the levels that she has, and to, eventually, go to such a dark place in Super Psycho part three... that was such a gift to me as an actor.

Was it fun playing the homicidal bad girl?

Absolutely! Who wants to always play the good girl? I have loved my good girl characters, but it was nice to walk onto set and have a character that was darker, and more to work with. Something I could really sink my teeth into. It has been such a great experience, especially working with Jacob [Gentry, the director]. He's a phenomenal director when it comes to working with his actors.

What was your favorite part about being "the bad guy?"

I was able to actually get into her shoes. That is the greatest mistake [actors] make: playing someone as evil. You have to see [the situation] through their eyes. Alex would not consider herself evil. She considers herself completely justified. That is something that Jacob really instills in his actors: just play from that person's perspective. It was really fun because you step out of the character and you realize what you are doing is so extreme, but while you are doing it, it feels completely justified. It was fun to be able to get into Alex's head.

What sets the third film apart from the first two?

I think the third film is the most shocking, as far as gore and horror. I have an absolutely iron stomach. I do not get queasy on set - I know it's all on set. But there was this one particular scene on set - you'll know it when you see it, trust me. It wasn't on me at the time - I was in part of the shot - but I literally had to turn away. It made me so overwhelmed. It has never ceased to be a great gore franchise, but the third film takes that shock to the next level. It's a very, very, very dark film. We still have the comedy that goes hand-in-hand [with this franchise], but it has less of that John Hughes-feel. Jacob has always felt that the films have had that John Hughes-feel because they have shown struggles through high school. This film, out of all of them, has a different feel. [Skye] has come of age. She has proved herself, and now it is about overcoming the last hurdle from her past. It has a darker feel, it has more of a determined feel, and it has a superhero vibe. There are a lot of action sequences. I think this was my favorite... I'm still attached to number two, but I am really proud of this one.

Has there been any talk of a fourth film?

No, not yet! If there was ever talk of a fourth film, I would absolutely do another. The way that everyone has been treating it, I think the feel is, "the party ends here." It even says it right on the poster! But, who knows if we can resist going for another one!

You mentioned that you have an iron stomach. Does that mean you are a horror fan?

Absolutely. I am not a gore fan, like the Saw films. I prefer the psychological thrillers. The gore in exorcism movies is fine, but when it gets to, like, dismemberments, that gets a little weird to me. But I definitely love a good horror film: pop some popcorn, and turn off the lights!