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Exclusive: 'Contracted' To Get a Sequel? First Word and Title from Director England


Ever since it's release via IFC Midnight on March 18, 2014, filmmaker Eric England's indie 'body horror' flick Contracted has been burning up DVD and VOD, and we've got first word on the successful feature's inevitable sequel.

Starring Najarra Townsend, Caroline Williams (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2), Alice Macdonald, Katie Stegeman, Matt Mercer, Charley Koontz, Simon Barrett, Ruben Pla, Dave Holmes and Celia Finkelstein, Contracted revolves around a 20's something Los Angeleno (Townsend), who finds herself infected with a rather potent sexual disease after being date-raped at a party.

"IFC has asked us for a sequel," filmmaker England, whose previously wrote and directed the genre feature Madison County, told us this morning of a potential follow-up to Contracted.

"I told the producers I wasn't interested, because I never envisioned a sequel in the first place, but if I came up with an idea that I felt lived up to or surpassed the first film and (that I) was passionate about, I would. It took about a month or so of convincing, but I finally turned in a pitch after an idea came to me. Now, it's just up to the business side of things; if it makes sense for them and for us."

England's mum on plot points, but did say that the sequel, "Will pick up where the first one left off."

As for the title? It's Contracted: Phase II. 

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