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Exclusive: 'Fringe' Agent Jasika Nicole Reveals the Future of "The Pattern"!

The Fringe team is primarily a mixed bag of the crazy (Walter), the sort-of-telepathic-but-way-too-uptight (Olivia) and the not-at-all-a-professional-“agent” (Peter) varieties. But there is one other type of team member, Astrid Farnswoth, a much younger federal agent banished to the lab and tasked with the impossible job of assisting Walter in his mad-scientist experiments, and the desperate attempts to discover what the hell is going on. “Give me a gun and let me get out of that lab!” says Jasika Nicole, the lovely lady who plays Astrid. We caught up with Nicole---out of the lab at last---at New York Comic Con a few weeks ago, and had a quick chat about where the series is headed and what to expect from the Pattern. Hit the jump to see what she said about more creatures showing up on upcoming episodes of Fringe!

Fringe returns to Fox 9/8c on April 7th.

Last week we saw sort of a monster/werewolf manifestation of the Pattern…
The Were-upine! Were-upine is the name we gave him. [laughs]

At this point, where is the Pattern headed? What manifestations might we expect to see?
Actually it’s interesting because there have been a lot more animals incorporated into the episodes. I don’t know if that’s intentional or not but I think people have some kind of connection with animals in general. It’s kind of nice to see that. Animals can be really scary when they turn into something you’re not familiar with and you think it’s one thing and it ends up being another thing. That’s why the cow is there in the first place. The cow isn’t necessarily scary but it’s about another living creature that’s in these people’s lives. It’s just sort of about how everything on this planet lives and deserves to have a chance to be alive. We have a really cool episode that toys a bit with animal rights. But we’ve only filmed 2 ½ episodes since the last one aired so beyond that I have no idea!

There’s a lot of talk about the hidden messages in Fringe. Is the cast made aware of these messages or do you try to figure it out like the rest of us?
I had no idea about The Observer until I heard people talking about it on set. I was like “What? Are you kidding me?” Then I started noticing that the hand had 6 fingers and that there were fetuses in the apples. We don’t know a whole lot of things so we’re kind of finding out things as everyone else does...