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Exclusive Premiere: The Word Alive's 'Room 126'


To mark the upcoming release of their second studio album Life Cycles, Arizona metallers The Word Alive have begun premiering different tracks from the record at various websites today. Since one of those songs just happens to be about zombies, it was just a matter of time before they came knocking at our virtual door. For today, the only place you can hear the band's Walking Dead-inspired track “Room 126” is right here. So come on in, take a listen, and find out more about the song's origins...

“I had the pleasure of writing a 'zombie song' without ever really truly referencing zombies,” explained The Word Alive frontman Tyler “Telle” Smith. “I love the show The Walking Dead, and after the music was written it just seemed so desperate. It fit perfectly to write a song so many have before, in a way that nobody has. We all have talked about the zombie apocalypse before, but we all know it's never going to happen. This song is for all of us who know it will never happen, who find themselves living a fairytale... one where nobody comes out alive.”

NOTE: Zombie defense experts at FEARnet wish to point out that Telle's predictions do not necessarily agree with their own, and continue to recommend you take all practical measures to prepare for the eventuality of a zombie attack. “Better safe than supper,” we like to say.

Now then, as for the meaning behind this song's title... what exactly lives in Room 126? “Nobody however will ever know what Room 126 means,” Says Telle. “Unless we sell like 250,000 copies of this album... then maybe I'll share the story behind it.”

Check it out below, and see if you can solve the mystery yourself...

The album Life Cycles is produced by Joey Sturgis, whose credits include the EP Zombie by The Devil Wears Prada, one of the horror-themed metal highlights of 2010.  The first track to be previewed online from Life Cycles was “Wishmaster,” a title which should also ring a bell for horror fans. The album debuts tomorrow in stores and on iTunes;  find out even more about it at the band's official site.