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Exclusive: Producer David Cohen on 'Saw' Videogame!


Just because the SAW videogame is still a year away doesn’t mean we can’t get the scoop for you!  In case you’ve been stuck in one of Jigsaw’s games for the past few months, you’ll need to know that the SAW game is headed for consoles October ’09, just in time for the release of SAW VI.  We talked with David Cohen, the producer of the game about who’s involved in the process, what fans can expect, and how graphic the game will be!  The traps are set dear readers just hit the jump to set them off!

Did you work with anyone from the films in developing the game?

Yes, we have been working closely with Leigh Whannell and James Wan, creators of the SAW franchise as well as Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures, all of whom have been invaluable to the creation of the SAW video game.  We have worked together to ensure that the story, game play and traps featured in the video game will be a true reflection of what you would find within the SAW universe.  For me, a huge SAW and horror fan, the most important thing is to not only deliver an exciting, engaging, and terrifying gameplay experience, but to make the game as big of a piece to the overall Saw puzzle as the films are.

How are you carrying over the sense of fear and dread from a series of 2 hour films into a video game that could take well over 10 hours to play?

Translating the emotional reactions from the film to the video game is an interesting challenge, but definitely one we are excited about. Where a film is a more linear and scripted experience for its viewers, a video game gives the player control over their experience in an entirely different way. We are making sure that the game has a constant sense of doom, punctuated by action, and with unexpected fear elements, just as they are for a character in the films.  Where the characters in the film are the ones that need to use their intelligence to solve the mystery or win the “game”, the players will be the ones in the video game that will be tasked with that.  It’s sure to get your heart pumping.

Can you talk a bit about mechanics and how Jigsaw's puzzles work in the game? Also, how do you control the characters?

Just as when going to see the films, one of the most exciting things about the SAW video game will be discovering what awesome, gruesome, and horrific experience Jigsaw is going to put his “players” though next.  I can’t reveal too much about the puzzles and traps just yet, but what I can tell you is that the visual experience is as edgy, brutal and squeamish as in the films and is also even more exciting to play.

Can you talk about characters from the films that may be in the game?

This will be something we reveal closer to launch, what I can say now is that fans, such as myself, will not be disappointed. We have been working closely with Leigh Whannel, James Wan, Twisted Pictures and Lionsgate on this aspect of the SAW video game in addition to many others.  Everyone is on board with the direction the storyline has taken and how it will fit seamlessly into the overall SAW storyline.

Is the game gory? Any concerns about ratings or censorship?

The SAW video game will deliver the same quality (and quantity) of action as the SAW films, while making sure that we stay aligned with delivering a great gameplay experience.  We are aiming to provide the full Saw experience.  I believe Jigsaw said it best with, “Oh yes, there will be blood”.

What's your biggest fear?

One of my biggest fears is losing a limb, like a hand or foot.  Just thinking about it makes me squirm.  I’ve grown quite attached to them and don’t know what I would do if faced with having to cut one off or mangle them in a Saw trap. Of course losing an eye would be a bummer too, I love 3D movies too much.

Do you have any favorite Halloween memories?

Probably my first Haunted House attraction. I was about 10 years old and my friends refused to go in with me. It was absolutely incredible and horrifying all at once, being completely surrounded by absolute terror and darkness with no sanity in sight. That same feeling  that I got as a kid is what we are putting into the SAW video game now, feeling trapped in a house of madness with no way of knowing if you’ll make it out alive.  By the way, I did inevitably make it, but the question is, will those who play the game be so lucky?