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Exclusive! Selene Luna Gets 'Bloody' for FEARNet!


You may not have heard of Selene Luna, but if you're planning on checking out this week's hottest horror film, you'll be encountering her pretty soon.  This diminutive actress got her start on stage – not Broadway, but somewhere much cooler: the seedy-chic cabarets and burlesque theaters of Los Angeles.  But then what else would you expect from someone co-starring in My Bloody Valentine 3D?  Selene plays the film's motel owner (conveniently named Selene) who gets caught by the murderous miner's pick axe.  Her role may be small, but it's memorable -- she has a truly awesome death scene AND a kick-ass bulldog.  What more do you need? Here, the actress chats with us about what is was like to work on the film, and the one-of-a-kind gift she got to take home from the set!

You're better known for your live cabaret and burlesque performances.  How did you get involved in My Bloody Valentine 3D?

I have tried to balance both worlds over the years.  Lionsgate contacted me to see if I would be interested in a character role in the film.  I was already a fan of the original 1981 My Bloody Valentine – how is that for dating myself!  So I was excited the moment I heard about it.

Are you a fan of horror movies?

Yeah, somewhat.  I like the older, campier, scarier films.  I'm not too much into the torture-horror, which there seems to be a lot of these days.  Not that there is anything wrong with it, I'm just a little squeamish.  I feel like an 85-year-old – I don't know what is going on in horror movies today.  I couldn't name you a title, but if I came across one, I would probably enjoy it.  I prefer the old stuff.  That is why I feel kind of old: "Well, back in my day…."  When I re-watch an old horror film, it always turns out to be comedy to me – I didn't see the humor and camp in it when I was a kid.  It's funny to me how scared I used to get over something that makes me laugh now.

Do you have any favorites?

One that never made me laugh, because I still think it is genius, is Carrie.  I love black-and-white monster movies like Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, all that stuff.  It cracks me up, watching them now because Frankenstein was such a small, spindly guy.  The Wolf Man is just some scrawny guy in a fur vest.  Although I do love watching modern CGI-heavy movies.  I just love CGI – it's such escapism.  I guess I am kind of all over the map with my tastes.  Oh!  One that still scares me to this day is The Exorcist.  It's the spookiest movie ever.  It amazes me that there hasn't been a film that tops it.

How did you handle your death scene?  Did it freak you out at all?

I handled it fine, because when I am actually doing it, it is like theatre.  I don't know if I should say this, but when we were shooting, I don't think I saw any blood whatsoever.  I didn't have to get my hands dirty, so I appreciated that.

I heard that a large portion of your death scene ended up – no pun intended – on the cutting room floor.  What did we miss?

I'm not sure.  Honestly, when I saw the movie, it looked like most of my death scene made it in.  It could be some of the promo stuff that we shot that they didn't use.  From what I saw, it looks like they pretty much left in all the best parts.  Maybe that is wishful thinking.

I know some of the actors had to have full body casts made so that the director could get as gory as he wanted.  Did you have a body cast made?

Yeah, I did.  They actually let me keep my "body" as a gift.  It's in my bedroom right now.  It's really weird and creepy because it looks just like me.  When my nephews visit, they go crazy.  They love it.

Did you dress it up or decorate it at all?

No, I'm trying to be subtle about it.  It's fun because when someone walks by my room, they do a double take, or they jump back.  That was probably one of the most fun parts about doing the movie.  Scaring people in my own home with my "body double."

Maybe use it for some horrible Halloween gag?

I didn't get it together enough for this last Halloween to do anything, but I wanted to.  I am trying to work it into a cabaret show.  I'm sure it will resurface real soon.

What are you working on for your live shows?

I've got several things up in the air, waiting for something to land.  These days, I'm mostly focusing on standup comedy.  I've been opening for Margaret Cho and getting my standup polished.  I also have a web series – I guess that is the wave of the future – with David Faustino [Married With Children].  It starts on January 16th on, which is Sony Pictures's online channel.  The show is called Starving and I play David's mother.

Are you even old enough to play David Faustino's mother?

Thank you for saying that!  It's very slapstick-y.  What we decided on, to make the story work, was that I had David when I was 12.  And then I have age makeup and a soccer mom wig.  I look kind of like a barfly mom.

Do you have a preference between performing live or performing on screen?

Hands-down, I prefer stage.  That is no diss on TV or film, because that is really fun for completely different reasons, and the process is completely different.  The reason I prefer theatre and stage performance over film is that instant gratification – you feed off the audience's reaction.  It's a different energy.

What scares you the most in real life?

Spiders.  I'm not proud of it, but I am full-on arachnophobic.  It's not rational.  I know the spiders are here for good, but I just can't handle them.

Ok, I have to ask this.  I read in an old interview you gave that somebody thought you were a fairy from Middle Earth.  Was she serious?

I am not kidding about this.  If they were yanking my chain, I still believe it.  I've never been to the Renaissance Faire, and I have been turned off to exploring it because people who go to them get really into it and cannot turn it off.  They are enchanted by me, like they think I will grant them three wishes or steal their first born.  But yeah, the woman who thought I was a fairy… I was in college, and she may have just been completely crazy, but she was kind of this hippie-New Age-Ren Faire kind of person and she was so enchanted with me.  She wanted to touch me, like she was going to get some fairy dust off me.  No joke – she was so sincere.  But it inspired me to start doing comedy – I've got some good material!

Did you have fun with Louie, your pet dog in the film?

Yes – that was one of the most fun parts of the shoot.  He's so adorable, and whenever Louie was on set, it was all about him.  Everyone's focus was on Louie.  He was the true star.

Was Louie your dog or was he cast for the role?

Louie was cast.  I wish he were my dog.  We're good friends.  I don't get to see him often, but I do send him little cards.  I saw him at the premiere which was an awesome reunion.  He remembered me.  We've actually been to dinner – we went to dinner at Mr. Chow's.  He's so fun, he's like a little human being.  He's a gentleman.