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News Article

Exclusive Stills and Details from Jeremy Berg’s 'The Invoking'



With Image Entertainment set to release the horror feature The Invoking to DVD/VOD this coming February 18th, we thought it high time to touch base with the flick’s sales agent Jesse Baget, and the result was a batch of behind-the-scenes production stills, as well as word on the film.


Directed by Jeremy Berg, who co-wrote with John Portanova from a story by Berg and Matt Medisch, The Invoking stars Trin Miller, Brandon Anthony, D'Anagelo Midili, Andi Norris and Josh Trux, and revolves around the character of Samantha (Miller), who, when visiting her ancestral home, finds that forgotten memories begin to seep back to the surface. As her sanity slowly unravels, she finds herself unable to tell the difference between reality and a series of terrifying visions... visions she soon discovers may be tied to a horrifying past deeply buried in her memory, a past she cannot escape.


“It's a finely crafted psychological horror film that I'm thrilled to be a part of,” Baget said of the flick, for which his company Ruthless Pictures served as sales agent. “The leads turn in great performances and the movie keeps you guessing as it unfolds. There's some great scares, and I think horror fans will really dig this indie thriller.”

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