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News Article

Exclusive: Will Chloe Sevigny Return to 'American Horror Story?'


Last night, I attended the premiere event for A&E's dark new detective show, Those Who Kill starring Chloe Sevigny. We talked about her role in the gritty drama, but let's be honest: ever since her jaw-dropping role in American Horror Story: Asylum (in which she played a nymphomaniac who is subjected to brutal experiments) I have wanted to know if she will return to the series. So I asked her point-blank.

"I'm not sure," she tells me. "[American Horror Story creator] Ryan Murphy teased me, 'Oh, now you're doing this show, you can't do ours.' I guess it depends if we get a second season of [Those Who Kill], and what happens with that. I love American Horror Story, and I love this show, so I hope I can do both."

Ryan Murphy couldn't have been more vague himself.

Those Who Kill premieres on A&E March 3rd. American Horror Story will return for a fourth season this October.