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Fascinating Fan Theory Connects 'Se7en' and 'The Usual Suspects'


Se7en John Doe

Though I'd hate to imagine a world without it, I neverthless can't deny that the internet has ruined a lot of things. In the days before Twitter and Facebook, for example, it was possible for movies to shock us with surprising twist endings, which quite frankly just can't happen in today's internet age. Back in the 90s, however, one could avoid the spoiling of such secrets, and two films from the decade pulled off the mind-blowing twist ending as good as The Sixth Sense did; The Usual Suspects and Se7en, both released in 1995.

Both films of course ended with the reveal that it was Kevin Spacey's character who was responsible for various dastardly deeds, and one fan has just come up with a brilliant theory that connects the two, and which quite frankly blew my mind. Going under the alias Tony Stark over on Vimeo, the fan's theory suggests that Keyser Soze from The Usual Suspects and John Doe from Se7en are actually the very same person, and believe me when I say that the comparison goes much deeper than the fact that both characters were played by the same actor.

As a huge fan of both movies, I'm honestly shocked that I never made these comparions for myself, and I expect you'll feel the same way once you watch this video. Enjoy, and keep in mind that this is of course just a fun theory!