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News Article

'FDR: American Badass'?

Following on the heels of popular "historical reimaginings" like Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter comes a new one that, if nothing else, has a great title.  FDR: American Badass.  So what is the 32nd president hunting?  Find out after the jump.

FDR will be hunting werewolves which apparently includes the likes of Hitler and Mussolini. Apparently he rolls in a "wheelchair of death."  We like that.  Script comes from writer and actor Ross Patterson (Screwball: The Ted Whitfield Story).  Directing reins will be handled by actor Garrett Brawith (Diary of a Serial Killer) in his directorial debut. 

Filming is set to begin in Los Angeles next month. Frankly, I wouldn't expect to see this in theatres - a DVD release sounds more plausible.