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News Article

The Fearless Emmys


Last night's Emmy Awards were a virtually scare-free zone (unless you count the abysmal hosting duties of Neil Patrick Harris).  Dexter lost to Mad Men in the drama category.  And Michael C. Hall lost to Bryan Cranston, while Jimmy Smits lost to Michael J. Fox.  True Blood did get an award – sort of.

The scene where Bill and Sookie meet for the first time, in the show's pilot episode, won some sort of "Breakout Performance" award, as voted by the viewer.  As far as I can tell, this award carries with it no statuette, no cash prize, not even a pat on the back.  But genre fans can take some comfort in the fact that Lost's Michael Emerson won his second Emmy for his work on the show.  And Dr. Horrible did interrupt the festivities with a pre-recorded video.  Captain Hammer (Nathan Fillion) joined him in a quick tune, and  Penny (Felicia Day) and Moist (Simon Helberg) had blink-and-you'll-miss-them cameos.  It was a cute bit, but not worth sitting through the entire awards show for.