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FEARNET Fan Obsessions: NECA Horror Figures


Obsessive Collector Mr. FrightsIf you aren't a connoisseur of horror figure collectibles, then you probably know someone who is. These collectors generally have a figure room in their home, and often it's been custom-made,  which houses several shrines to various obsessions. FEARnet spoke to one such obsessive, Mr. Frights, about his formidable NECA collection. He's been gathering figures for over sixteen years and his pull includes some of our most beloved slashers. I especially like the Evil Dead collection. Check out the pics.

The Collector: Mr. Frights (a.k.a. Justin Lewis)

Location: Columbus, Ohio

What: NECA Horror Figures

Years Collecting: 16+

How Many: Around 60 NECA figures including a whole lot of their Head Knockers.

How the Obsession Started: Watching horror movies of course! I loved them so much, the characters and scenes, and when I found that toy makers were creating figures and prop replicas to go along with these beloved movies... well, that was the can of worms opening for me. Heh.

Evil Dead wallMost Prized Find: There's always something I can place in this catagory until I get it. The most recent is The Crow boxed set with Top Dollar. I've wanted that thing forever and the NECA store on eBay posted it for a great price I couldn't ignore and they do an awesome job with shipping rates, so now it sits on my shelf with my other Crow figures.

Rarest Piece in Collection: I'm not sure if it's the rarest piece, but it sure was the most difficult to find and add to my collection. The Jason head knocker from the Jason vs. Freddy head knocker set, I had to search international sellers to find just one.

Craziest Thing You've Done for the Collection: Turned my bedroom into a sort of vault for my entire collection. My wife and I still sleep in there, but it's full of shelves, cases, and the wall space keeps disappearing with each piece I don't take out of the box. Outside of my wife and daughter, I've actually only had one friend in there to see it all and only one time. 

The Horror Holy Grail: I have a short list because there was a time when I didn't have the funds available to get some of these amazing pieces, but I'm seriously lacking an Alien Queen. I know it's not that hard to find, but I'm just not comfortable paying what people are asking for it.

What Else Do You Collect: I actually have over 500 pieces of horror items, toys, posters, trading cards (including Cereal Killer series 1 & 2 trading cards by Wax-Eye), prop replicas, movies, promotional items (i.e. My Bloody Valentine 3D pickax key chain), and more. 

NECA collection

Mr Frights' full collection