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News Article

FEARNET Gives the Gift of Gore This Holiday Season


Most people associate December with good cheer, family togetherness, piles of gifts, and other feel-good crap. FEARnet fans know that what invokes warm fuzzies in us includes killer Santas, dysfunction, and torture. Luckily, FEARnet has you covered with some awesome December programming highlights.

Start off the holiday season with our Holliston marathon on December 18th. The season one marathon will be capped off with the all new Holliston Christmas special. We usher in Christmas with a "Killer Kringle" marathon on December 24th: The Traveler, Saint, Santa's Slay, and A Christmas Tale. Then ring in the New Year with the emcee of chills, the Cryptkeeper, with our Tales From the Crypt marathon. Twenty-four hours, twenty-four tales, and all-new interstitials with the Cryptkeeper begin on December 31st.

Other goodies to stuff in your stocking this month include the FEARnet premiere of the critically-acclaimed District 9 on December 9th; the world television premiere of Hostel: Part III on December 16th; and the broadcast premiere of Frankenfish on December 23rd.

Don't have FEARnet? That's sad - but fixable. Check out our handy-dandy guide to finding FEARnet in your area.