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FEARNET Killer Snack Attack: ‘Cabin Fever’ Lemonade


Cabin FeverEli Roth’s Cabin Fever combines humor and horror in a memorable homage to any and all “cabin in the woods" movies. The plot is fairly straight forward: A deadly virus eats the young flesh of co-eds on holiday, causing them to die in all sorts of spectacularly gruesome and creative ways – including sex, shaving, and being eaten by a dog named Dr. Mambo.

The infected water is to blame for the spread of this flesh-eating outbreak and once it’s in the water supply nothing is safe. Not even the most innocent of all cottage industries: the child's lemonade stand. Despite its innocuous appearance and sour smack, this lemonade is going to melt your skin off your bones.

Movie: Cabin Fever

Year: 2002

Deadly Recipe: Fresh lemonade made from cold, crisp and tasty virus-infected mountain stream water.

Chef: The two adorable grandchildren of local businessman Old Man Cadwell.

Culinary Kill:  With one sip of their infected lemonade the kids have taken out the entire town’s police force and probably, the entire town.

Leftovers: As the movie closes and the truck of killer bottled water pulls away, presumably en route to make a delivery, it’s pretty clear that if civilization wants to keep its skin it's going to have to quit drinking water and replace it with beer.