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FEARNET Killer Snack Attack: 'The Stuff'


The Stuff is eating you!Thinking about enjoying some treats over the Holiday season? That’s fine, just make sure you’re chowing down on a full-calorie dessert because you really don’t know what food manufacturers put in those diet sweets. Case in point: The Stuff.

After eating the sweet, creamy, no-calorie The Stuff you’ll never be the same again, mostly because as you’re eating it, it’s eating you.

Movie: The Stuff ( Directed by Larry Cohen)
Year: 1985
Deadly Recipe: The Stuff is a bit like whipped cream and of unknown origins, it literally comes oozing out of the ground, but that doesn’t stop a multi-national conglomerate from packaging it, selling it to brainwashed consumers, and turning them into confection-filled zombies.
Culinary Kill: Gruesome, oozing face melt. ‘Nuff said. (Watch it below)
Leftovers: Larry Cohen smacks you over-the-head with his commentary on consumption. In the end this is a fun, totally ridiculous and over-the-top B-movie . More than anything, it teaches us two life-lessons: Don’t taste things bubbling from the ground and if something in your fridge is moving, throw it away.