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News Article

FiOS Fans Get More FEARNET


Christmas has come early for Verizon FiOS subscribers with a taste for fear. Naughty or nice (we prefer naughty), this week Santa slipped FEARnet's new channel on to your TV just in time for the holidays.

Channel number and details after the jump.

Verizon FiOS customers with the Extreme or Ultimate packages can now find FEARnet's new 24/7 network on channel 197, offering your favorite horror, thriller and suspense movies around the clock. Of course, that's in addition to our free On Demand service with its great lineup of uncut movies, trailers, behind-the-scenes videos, filmmaker interviews, and convention/festival coverage.

Flip to channel 197 today and you'll be treated to Brian DePalma's Body Double, The Eyes of Laura Mars - a classic thriller written by John Carpenter and directed by the late, great Irvin Kirshner - and Sid Haig in House of 1,000 Corpses, Rob Zombie's directorial debut. For more of what's on offer, check out our Monthly Highlights page. If you like what you see, why not stop by Verizon’s Facebook and Twitter pages to thank them for adding FEARnet HD?

Not a Verizon FiOS customer? Fear not. We're working hard to bring FEARnet HD to horror fans everywhere, and you can help. Let your cable or satellite provider know you want FEARnet HD by calling 877-FEAR-247. More details available on our Get FEARnet HD FAQ.