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News Article

First 'Munsters' Reboot Casting

Like it or not, The Munsters reboot is happening. You can call it Mockingbird Lane; you can promise a darker drama instead of a sitcom. But it is still a remake of The Munsters. So rather than fight it, I have just decided to accept it and try to separate the two properties in my mind.

Then the first casting news came out, and frustration set in again. Hit the jump, and let's discuss.

Mockingbird Lane has cast comedian Eddie Izzard as the lead role of Grandpa Munster. Now, I love Eddie Izzard. Really and truly. And I know that in the past few years he has taken on a lot of dramatic roles and done so brilliantly. But I was first introduced to him as a comic, so I always want to laugh when I see him. If you are trying to make Mockingbird Lane a drama, Eddie Izzard would not be my first choice. With Bryan Singer directing, I expect the pilot to be incredibly serious, but with Brian (Pushing Daisies) Fuller writing, I am hopeful for the dark comedy he is known for. So, if you are trying to make this Pushing Daisies-esque, then Izzard is the way to go.

Mockingbird Lane's Grandpa is "the Munster family patriarch, a powerful, ancient vampire with an irrepressible twinkle in his eye. He can shapeshift into rats, wolves, and other creatures at will, but he's also dapper and charming in a fedora; he is a Don Juan-type womanizer with penchant for flashy, sexy outfits."