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News Article

Free Stuff from Uncle Al and 13th Planet!

13th Planet Records – the El Paso-based label created by Ministry founder and Godfather of Industrial Metal, Al Jourgensen – just announced a little freebie for their fans in the form of a sampler EP featuring tracks from the label’s heavy hitters. The collection includes some new spins on old faves, and also a few names you might not have heard yet, so read on and find out how to get it!

The digital EP, which is now available for free download from, is made up of unreleased songs, remixes and videos from Al’s two most famous bands – the now-retired Ministry and the revamped Revolting Cocks – as well as a new remix from Prong, and previously unheard and/or unseen material from 13th Planet artists False Icons, Stayte and Ascension of the Watchers (featuring Fear Factory’s Burton C. Bell).

Here’s the complete list:

Ministry – “Lielieslies (Known Unknown Lies Mix)”
Revolting Cocks – “Keys To The City (Barstow Bathroom Floor Mix)”
Prong – “3rd Option (Hold on Tight Mix)”
False Icons – “Transform (Trance-formation Mix)”
Stayte – “Coming Apart”
Ministry – Adios Puta Madres Trailer (video)
Ascension of The Watchers – Residual Presence (video)

Be sure to head over to, sign up for the 13th Planet mailing list, and get a copy for your own sick self.