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Frightening Owlman Haunts Chatroulette


Owlman Lord of Tears

If you're not familiar with Chatroulette, it's basically a service that takes chat rooms to the next level, by allowing everyone that enters to actually see who they're chatting with. There's a similar website called Omegle, and both of them have been plagued in recent weeks by strange sightings of a creature known only as Owlman, who has been terrorizing the young people that utilize the services.  You can check out a compilation of clips pulled from both websites below, but I must warn you that watching the video will probably have an impact on your sleeping habits!

So who is this mysterious Owlman? The scare pranks are actually a brilliant viral marketing campaign for a new movie called Lord of Tears, which was fully funded through Kickstarter last March. The UK film tells the story of a school teacher being haunted by the Owlman, forced with returning to his childhood home to battle the creature that has been terrorizing him since childhood.  The Lord of Tears DVD and Blu-ray can be purchased exclusively over on the film's offical website, and you'll find the trailer below! And if you liked this, check out this demon baby terrorizing New York!