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News Article

'Fringe' Will Return!


Fringe has been one of the shows "on the bubble" this season - critics pegged it as a show that was in danger of not being renewed.  It has a loyal fan base, and was Fox's highest-rated scripted show in its first season.  A second-season order was fast in the making, and a season three order was a no-brainer.  But then things got a little murky.  The ratings became shaky, and Fox moved it to Friday - which didn't help.  Check out the full good news after the jump - there is more than just a fourth-season order.

Fringe will be back for a fourth season.  A FULL fourth season.  Not a 12-episode, let's-see-how-it-goes order.  A full season.  The ratings still suck for the live episodes, but it is a big winner with the DVR crowd, and the execs at Fox have really put their support behind it to make it the next X-Files.  Frankly, I think I like it better than X-Files.  What do you think?