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News Article

Gears of War 2 Locust Bust: Now With Extra-Strength Girl Repellent!


OK, I’m sure by now you’ve got Gears of War 2.  Maybe you’ve got the Limited Edition with the art book.  Maybe you got the pre-order bonus remote control tank at Best Buy.  Maybe you even went the whole hog and bought that Lancer replica from Amazon.  Hell, it came with the damn game for free.  Maybe you’ve got the Zune, and maybe you’ve got a subscription to the comic ready to roll.  Maybe, just maybe, you’ve even bought the novel.

Well, get ready to sell those kidneys, as Triforce Sales (who, ironically, only have Gears of War related products for sale) is now taking preorders on a 1:1 scale Locust Drone bust for the low, low price of $549.99.  It makes an excellent companion piece for Triforce’s replica Lancer, which will set you back $949.99.  They will both look great on a mantel or end table devoid of wedding photos or couples portraits, as I can only imagine the sort of legendary arguments that would erupt from displaying these in a home with a wife or girlfriend present.

You can see more at Project Triforce.