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Get 'Amnesia' Again with 'A Machine for Pigs'

Frictional Games' Amnesia: The Dark Descent has earned its notoriety for being one of the most genuinely scary games of the past few years—if not ever—with its nerve-wracking combination of mood, story, and feeling of outright helplessness.  Well, knowing that they've got a great thing going for them, Frictional has announced a sequel to Amnesia, and they've brought on some interesting talent to help flesh it out.  More from Joystiq after the break.

Subtitled A Machine for Pigs (anyone else getting a Ministry/early NIN vibe from that?), the sequel will feature the writing talents of one Dan Pinchbeck.  Pinchbeck has gained plenty of indie cred for penning the dark, experimental game Dear Esther, a semi-interactive ghost story that throws traditional horror tropes out the window in exchange for a deep feeling of sorrow that makes Poe look positively cheerful by comparison.

The game won't be a direct sequel to The Dark Descent, but instead follow a "rich industrial tycoon" by the name of Oswald Mandus, who has to spend New Year's Day 1899 having to deal with a bout of amnesia.  Sort of like a Victorian horror Hangover, if you will.  I've spent many a New Year's Day trying to piece together events myself, but thankfully I've never had to do it in the horrific universe of Amnesia.

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs hopes to be released prior to Halloween of this year.